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How to start

First, there is the purpose, the necessity, and the product

Everything starts with the necessity and the purpose. You can effectively sell a large variety of products and services over the phone. The limitation may be, however, the too low end price of the product or service that fails to cover the costs of telemarketing. The experience of Müügimeistrid who have been involved in active sales from 1996 already includes a large number and varied types of activities. We have sold various periodical literature, books, insurance packages, training courses, found potential buyers for cars or customers for many different service providers, sold security and credit solutions, health and cosmetic products, and a lot more. And we have conducted many different surveys and market research. The phone can also be successfully used simply as a communications channel to quickly bring any message, be it an invitation to a company event or election, to the people. All these possibilities rely on hundreds of trained telemarketers and a team that works on different projects on a daily basis who can make up to several thousand phone calls a day.

Target audience

In cooperation with the client, we determine the target audience that meets the purpose and choose the most suitable database. When contacting companies, we usually use the client’s own databases or different databases publicly offered on the market. When contacting private persons, we usually use the client’s own databases or a random selection of phone numbers.


The pricing of the telemarketing service is based on the fee for work actually completed. No hidden costs such as starting or completion fees are added to the piece rate or hourly rate. The pricing is based on the rate per working hour, which may vary slightly depending on the complexity of work.

Test sales

As a rule, we conduct a trial sales period, the duration of which may vary from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of work before starting a more extensive sales campaign. The duration of the trial depends on the characteristics of the work as well as the requests of the client, but it needs to be long enough to obtain statistically reliable data. The trial determines, on the one hand, the saleability of the goods and the potential campaign result as well as the cost of achieving the desired result. The trial enables the client to plan the duration, volume, and budget of the telemarketing campaign as well as the production, inventory, turnover, etc. of their company. The results of the trial are analysed in cooperation with the client, changes are made to the campaign offer if necessary, or a database to be used in the work is prepared under new terms. And most importantly – the trial determines the cost of achieving the desired result. If the cost level is acceptable, work will continue at a piece rate.

The course of the sales campaign

The telemarketers of Müügimeistrite AS work on weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM and, if necessary, on Saturdays from 11 AM to 4 PM. The campaign can be planned in the required volume and at the desired time, for example, during the day or in the evening. During sales, Müügimeistrite AS supplies the client with daily sales reports that help to continuously monitor the sales process. We communicate the orders or other result just as the client needs us to.

How to proceed?

To introduce the possibilities of telemarketing in more detail and offer sales campaigns that meet your needs, we are prepared to talk more about our services and experiences, whether in our office or yours.

The quickest and easiest way to receive the information you need or are interested in is to send us an e-mail to or fill in the feedback form. Our project manager will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Contact us now! We are here to help your company to get best results and higher sales!

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